MUSE provides the hardware and software framework to prototype and scale professional robotics solutions


We provide cutting-edge motion control electronics, sensing elements and power management solutions, which work out of the box. The hardware is no longer a nightmare when bulding a professional robot. Wether you are a software or hardware person, development time should not be spent for re-inventing the wheel, but where it matters: providing the solution to a problem.


MUSE hardware would not make sense without our software. We see the need for true plug and play, and what better interface than standard Ethernet plus a ROS driver. We provide with a C++ API which can get your robot running with just a few lines of code.


At MUSE Robotics we know that you are trying to get the most out of your robot, in having the right performance but also keeping the cost minimum. To this end, we provide customization services based on the validated MUSE designs, so that your robot can do exactly what you want it to do, at the right price point.

Our mission and vision

Having struggled ourselves with building high-performance, robust and reliable robots, we realized that there is a need for a hardware solution which allows for fast building of high performance robots at the right price point.

Having over 20 years of combined experience in robot building and hardware development, we set our course to develop a set of tools so that others don't have to go through the entire process again.

Now we are looking for teams with passion for building robots, who will take robotics to the next step

MUSE Components

Brushless motor drives

High performance, sophisticated motor drivers for brushless motors. Using Field Oriented Control (FOC - Vector), to accurately control current, speed and position using a standard Ethernet interface.

Wheeled robot controller

All the electronics required to build a professional mobile platform: dual high performance and efficiency brushless motor drivers combined with a Lithium battery charger (up to 10 cells), plus extra features like e-stop, IMU, high-accuracy odometry, external sensors

Customized products

A set of customized products, tailored to our clients needs for high-end brushless motor drivers tightly integrated within their mechanical structure. Liscensing options available.

more products...

battery management system, power monitoring, encoder modules, adapter boards