Alex Nikolakakis

Senior embedded systems engineer with 5 years of experience in Embedded Systems Design and Implementation Previously, he has worked as en embedded systems engineer at Innora SA (2009-2011). He has significant experience in project management and planning and team leadership.

Pavlos Stavrou

Senior software developer with 5 years of experience in R&D embedded programming, computer vision and software UI development. projects. Before joining SkyRobotics in 2011 he has worked as a software developer at Zinon SA and Innora SA.

Kostas Karakasiliotis

Senior Robotics researcher. He received his PhD in Biorobotics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL, 2008-2012) where he continued as a post-Doc until January 2014. He is the inventor of Pleurobot and the designer of several bio-robots.

Giannis Roussos

Senior Software and Control Systems Engineer. He has worked on several research projects during his PhD in Control Systems Lab, NTUA and afterwards at Innora SA. Significant experience in control systems implementation and software development.

Alex Angeletos

Embedded systems developer with 2 years of experience in R&D embedded programming, electronics design and assembly. He has an MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Bradford (UK).

Our mission and vision

Having struggled ourselves with building high-performance, robust and reliable robots, we realized that there is a need for a hardware solution which allows for fast building of high performance robots at the right price point.

Having over 20 years of combined experience in robot building and hardware development, we set our course to develop a set of tools so that others don't have to go through the entire process again.

Now we are looking for teams with passion for building robots, who will take robotics to the next step